The import-export business of lotus, communism, running and apples

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For quite some westerners sitting in the lotus position to meditate is uncomfortable. Contrary to Indians, where the habit comes from, they hardly ever sit like this in daily life. At the same time, other westerners produce mounting evidence that to sit long is unhealthy. We should move - babies, school children, adults, the aged, all of us.

Russia, Mozambique, China, Vietnam and Cuba copied communism from Western Europe but logically did not keep the original model. They gave communism a range of different flavors, each adjusted to the particular culture.

East Africans, used to move over long distances while herding their cattle in the savannas, export themselves as marathon runners to the West and earn way more money with moving in the streets of Boston and New York than their cousins of the plains of Ethiopia or Kenya. One wonders if they will ever start missing savannas.

The apple tree originates from Central Asia and got exported to Asia, Europe and North America, a few thousand years ago. The Old Testament has the apple make Adam and Eve leave Paradise and start the human evolution, about seven million years ago. Paradise must for sure have been in Central Asia and, in package deals with the apple, brought to other parts of the world.

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