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Political Change. Don't Leave it to Politicians

From the outside

As both multi-party and two-party styles of coalition governance have major flaws, discussing their pros and cons is covering up worldwide felt disadvantages of our so-called 'democratic' systems.

The same goes for debates on favorite political parties or presidential candidates, or the frenzy of periodically organized election circuses. They cover up the fundamental shortcomings in political systems.

Now, as politicians are the last ones wanting to fundamentally modify their system, changes have to come from outside the outdated political systems.

But a political system does not exist as an anomaly in its society, it results from that society. That means, real changes in politics require real changes in society.

Members of 'civil society', such as conscious and active youth, concerned scholars, journalists, teachers and the like will have to think hard about how to improve their societies and act upon it.

It seems that worldwide such initiatives are on the rise in number and quality.


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