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Moral Courage as Best Cure

While the habit of sound physical distancing slowly settles in the subconscious minds of us millions, the habit of sound mental distancing appears to be a far cry.

Yet, the need for such a habit is only growing in the face of poisonous ideas that are busy contaminating us rapidly, now that we live in a period where raging fear is understandable but still a bad advisor.

Paranoia flourishes like a pandemic in the feeding of conspiracy theorizing without asking, let alone providing, hard evidence.

Hallucinations appear in escapes from frightening realism, by fantasies about humanlike beings, guardian angels and higher dimensions, presented as superior truths.

The terribly scared painter Marc Chagall has expressed this floating high up in much of his work.

We may pursue the moral courage of not contaminate others with poisons of paranoia and hallucination, and stay away from contaminating fears spread by others.

Let's make love on the ground.

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