End of World Bank would be a blessing

Because of the World Bank, thousands of people suffer and the physical environment degrades. This happens disregarding the fact that the World Bank is started for the purpose of poverty alleviation.  As it was organized by the United Nations, the World Bank can only work through governments of member nations. These national governments take loans from the World Bank for big projects or to support better off people such as landowning farmers, by which they can repay the loans. But often such projects go at the cost of the poorest households and the physical environment, with undernourishment, illnesses and death of people, and depletion and pollution of natural resources as a result. Therefore, on balance it would be a blessing for the poor and the environment if the World Bank got closed down.

Yet, so-called progressive Dutch politicians such as Eveline Herkens, Ad Melkert and Herman Wijffels have seen it as a nice career move to go and work for the World Bank.

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