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As they do.

May we wake up and do as children, women and workers do.

Kerala, 1978

May the children of the world wake up and fight for a sustainable environment like in Australia, doing what the adults forget while comfortably dozing off behind their screens or growing desperate about children addicted to their screens.

May the women of the world wake up like in Kerala, a state in India, doing what the men comfortably forgot while enjoying their fossilized political organizations and divisions and cultivating an undercurrent of hatred against women.

May the poor of the world unite and fight for economic justice as the yellow vests movement in France has started against President Macron's pro-business policies, and is now adopted in neighboring countries as well.

May the poor of America come to understand, as in other parts of the world, that capitalism will have to outgrow itself so much and create so much misery among the poor (Verelendung), that they will overthrow capitalism entirely.

May, therefore, the poor of America unite and fight for good causes, as the children in Australia, the yellow vests in Europe and the women in India, not by rallying for a politician but by direct action at headquarters of political parties, business companies, banks and media.


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