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Viruses from forests that we destroy, travel in us, the destroyers, over the planet

With our onslaught on nature, we reduce animal life as a habitat of viruses. Therefore, the viruses shift to new refuges, such human bodies. That is how epidemics Ebola, HIV and Dengue arose.

The Coronavirus epidemic comes directly from the eating of animals.

In both cases, the spread of viruses is reinforced by the widening and intensifying of our international contacts, mainly because of economic growth.

This consequence of growth have been pointed out by scientists for decades. Along the same line is my Facebook Intro and e-mail signature: “Humanity is heading for extinction, unless we learn the joy of limitation.” Perhaps because of the Corona crisis we take that message more serious now.

What can we do?

First, humanity will have to learn how to drastically reduce their exploitation of nature. Disregarding large worries about Corona, we have to start designing scenarios that lead to such reduction.

Second, humanity will have to learn how to drastically reduce their international economic growth. The Corona crisis is drastically reducing this growth now. We need scenarios that lead to a continuation of that reduction.


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