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Again the social media abound in widespread confusion about "Homo Sapiens" and the human evolution. See for instance the misrepresenting map below.

Let me explain.

Early humans developed about 6 million years ago, and perhaps earlier.

That was in Eastern Africa. From there they migrated in all directions over the planet, probably from 2 million years ago onwards.

What is called “Homo Sapiens” was not a new species. It's not that Homo Sapiens departed from Eastern Africa to conquer all populations in the world, and turn them extinct in order to replace them some 200,000 years ago.

What is called “Homo Sapiens” was a late stage in the evolution of humans all over the planet who had their own processes of development in the fields of social organization, technology, crafts or art.

Therefore, speaking of clearcut divisions is not only arbitrary but also concealing, confusing, and disrespecting the rich diversity in time and space of the human evolution.

Map of the migrating Homo Sapiens that did not take place


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