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Why walk with Peter?


Peter has long and intimate experience of moving in Dutch and foreign landscapes, and is a lifelong walker with endless curiosity. Take advantage of his unique knowledge and perspective of the area as he guides you on interesting, unexpected routes not far from Haarlem and Amsterdam. You may even want to join him in one of his brief anthropological enquiries with local people.

More About Walks

The average walker likes to move at a moderate pace for about 2-3 hours and take a few breaks on the way. Peter offers a number of such walks in the vicinity of Haarlem, where an interesting variety of landscapes is found. Convenient public transport toward many locations is available. Walks can be planned for all seasons of the year, and for any day of the week.


Silent Walks


Silent walks are a special treat to yourself. To walk in silence is a natural way of meditation in motion. And when we walk together in silence, we can benefit from what both nature and human company have to offer.


We humans have walked from our earliest days from eastern Africa in all directions over the planet, for millions of years. We walked in groups, women, men, young and old, babies carried by parents, fetuses and embryos in the wombs of their mothers, all moved in the same rhythm. Deep down inside of us we remember this joint vibration as a familiar, comfortable, inspiring, perhaps even life-giving experience.

Our personal system, reinforced by the energy of the group, comes to rest and gets refreshed in the rhythmic movement of the group. Some say our excitement of collective dancing derives from this walking in groups - dance as walking on the spot. When we walk, our feet touch the ground. It is ‘earthing’ in motion. Often we walk on age-old pathways that contain the energy of thousand earlier footsteps. It can make us feel like home coming.


In silence, our group dynamic, fresh air, natural beauty and earth energy together create both relaxation and inspiration in a profound way. It is a blessing.

Where Shall We Go?

In selecting a walk there are many choices:
Variety of landscapes or just one type of scenery
Wooded areas or open spaces
Wild nature or inhabited areas
Beaches, yes or no
Wetlands, lakes, or a river
Lush suburbs, typical Dutch villages, old cities, a harbor, an industrial site

About Peter


Peter van der Werff hails from a family of landscape gardeners and designers. Moving outdoors is in their veins, and Peter was taken along for walks from a very early age. As a fieldwork anthropologist he further developed the art of relaxed trekking while reading the landscape and enjoying his impressions of mountains and coasts, forests and fields, cities and villages on four continents. He can silently soak in the beauty of nature, and he can focus in on local people to understand how they live and relate to each other and the environment. In Holland, Peter organizes excursions for expats, colleagues, students, friends, relatives, and co-villagers, and offers such trips to others as well. He loves the walks, the scenery, and the pleasant rest stops as well as he likes the company.



The minimum price for 1-3 persons, is €35. Each additional person pays €10.
Public transport, café, and restaurant costs are not included.

Cancellation Policy

In case of bad weather or other unforeseen difficulties, the trip can be cancelled by either party at any time.

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