Peter van der Werff is one of the most creative people I know.

Fresh ideas, innovative concepts, and the skills to bring those thoughts to life.

~ Dr. Sadia Ansari, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India


This man talks about things he has really studied. Hats off.

~ Mandy Munten, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Your comments and posts reflect affection toward various human beings.

I think it is because you write from the heart and love people’s lives.

~ Dr. Jin Lee, Hospital Pediatrician, Seoul, South Korea


Peter is one of the gentlest people I've met. No bluster at all.

We had a lot of exploratory discussion about politics and history but never once did it descended to the usual us-vs-them tone that often dominates such discussions. Refreshing!

The day had a sort of dreamlike quality to it. Indeed, kindred spirits.

~ Mark Osiecki, International Manager in Heidelberg Cement Group, Russia and Germany


It is a privilege to know you.

~ K.J. Yesudas, All-India star singer and passionate unifier, Kochi, Kerala, India


How you compose China’s Agenda 21 for us - we are unable to do.

~ State Planning Board, Beijing, China


Peter is a listener, a thinker, a creator and a motivator.

This combination of qualities makes him an inspiring and valuable friend.

~ Rijk Nap, retired B747 Captain, Head Flight Safety, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


He is a true connector from the heart, original and intelligent thinker and on top of that,

inspiring and challenging others to give their very best.

~ Egmond Petzoldt, Ayía Galíni, Lasithi, Greece


You are a powerful warrior for the life force and for the courage to understand what is,

no matter how painful.

~ Howard Rheingold, Internet pioneer and Stanford University, Mill Valley, California, USA


You have mastered the art of eloquently putting into a few well-chosen words the wisdom of piles of scientific works that are otherwise hard to read and understand.

~ Christiane Vermoortel, Bruges, Belgium


Ever-curious and compassionate, with wide knowledge and experience. 

~ Gloria Erickson, Concerned worker for wellbeing and environment, Portland, Oregon, USA


You are a typical example of someone who is 'highly gifted.'

~ Annelies Otten, personal coach, Arnhem, Netherlands


Compassionate worker for human and environmental rights.

A philanthropic humanitarian expander of self-awareness.

~ Kirsteen Meldrum, University of Aberdeen, UK

Why don’t you stay with us?

~ Dr. Thuc Trong Kien, Institute of Mental Health, Hanoi, Vietnam


Come and live with us here.

~ Dr. Atiq Rahman, Executive Director, Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Brilliant anthropologist with a keen eye on diverse cultural heritage of different societies.

You are an ardent supporter of ecofeminism. You have rightly appreciated indigenous approaches to sustainable development in an unsustainable world.

~ Zarmeena Baloch, Karachi, Pakistan


Compassion in flow being a much appreciated quality of Peter’s practice.

~ Sainttina De Moleay, Tao of Mouse and TranceForm Dance, Woy Woy, New South Wales, Australia


Feel Peter’s empathy for our diverse world, join his passion for understanding and change-making.

~ Dr. Tom Downing, President of Global Climate Adaptation Partnership, Oxford University, UK


Come work with us and state what you want to do.

~ Hendrik Kiestra, Engineer, Dwars, Heederik en Verhey (DHV), Engeneering Consultancy, Amersfoort, Netherlands


He's a truly gifted researcher.

~ Dr. Jeremy Boisssevain, Professor of Social Anthropology at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands


You are extremely intelligent.

~ Test Psychologists, Royal Dutch Air Force, Nijmegen, Netherlands

He was an indigo child two generations avant la lettre.

~ Ilse Oehlenschlager, Clairvoyant, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Dr. P.E. van der Werff


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