Do you feel any vague fear, alarm or confusion because the world is changing so rapidly, and you don’t know what to make of it or what to do with it?


I offer unique ways of jointly getting a better grip on these dynamics, and find relief of perhaps gnawing emotions.




Here are ten worldwide changes that concern many of us. They need clarification and tools to deal with them.


1. Climate change: extent, causes, effects and actions

2. Degradation of the planet, which is much more than climate change

3. Rightwing extremism in reaction to ceasing of old boundaries in society 

4. Politics: innovations of democratic methods

5. Violence in different forms worldwide: growing or diminishing

6. Material poverty and wealth: improving or worsening

7. Emotional-spiritual poverty and wealth: improving or worsening

8. Cultural differences. Why is culture so tough? The role of the unconscious

9. Why is it important to see religions and ideologies don’t shape behaviors?

10. Nature and nurture in the light of seven million years human evolution 




I help you to proceed in ten steps I give below. Never mind my abstract language. 


I present them here, just in case you’d like to know how we walk through the landscape of relief bringing discoveries. 


In practice, you may not even notice my dance with those concepts. 


1. You select, alone or with me, a subject that worries you

2. You gain a broad overview of the subject and avoid focus on details

3. You understand proportions

4. You find causal connections 

5. You deal with ongoing changes

6. You deal with uncertainties

7. You discern emotions in yourself and others

8. You avoid negative reactions 

9. If wanted, you assess priorities for action

10. You design and go for constructive action 


Dr. P.E. van der Werff


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