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Planet Inside

Together you enjoy the beauty of music and dance, and read the landscapes of mountain ranges, ancient settlements, and tropical rainforests. Or feel how Peter is choking in the air pollution of mega-cities, and dusty country roads to remote villages.

Steps in the human evolution, including the exploitation of people and nature since the rise of farming are clarified. And there are the excitements and hardships of migration, as Peter has felt himself - until he touches base in his native village.

  1. Introduction

  2. Kenya

  3. West Asia

  4. Eastern Mediterranean

  5. Western Mediterranean

  6. Silk Route

  7. A Kerala Village

  8. Kerala State

  9. Air Hostess

  10. Mainland India

  11. Himalayas

  12. Thailand

  13. Java

  14. China

  15. American Northwest

  16. Latin America

  17. Sub-Sahara Africa

  18. Tenerife

  19. The Netherlands


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