Spiritual nondualism hampers real freedom: Not always a popular message

Spiritual development is liberation from the prison of old pain.

By creating tensions in our brain and other parts of the body, old pain keeps imprisoning a number of our natural capacities.

Surely, we can get relief from tension by meditation, yoga, massage, dance, music, nature walks, herbs, satsangs, or smiling in front of the mirror. But as long as we avoid dealing with old pain, such effects will time and again evaporate.

For an enduring relief of tension, it is unavoidable to deal with old pain.

The more we release old pain, the deeper the relaxation will be, and the more we liberate our natural intuition, sense of sacredness, peace of mind, loving heart, intelligence, creativity, honesty, joy, humor, and wisdom.

Experiences of nonduality, effortlessness, limitless awareness, and total union may also surface, and often allied with a sense of superiority.

But they are, it’s not always a popular message, undigested remainders of early childhood, from before the period that we started discovering limitations, learning to distinguish, taking responsibility for our actions, and depart from selfish bliss.

If we still believe they are our true state of being, it is because undigested early childhood experiences are deeply rooted in our subconscious.

But don’t let nondualism regain power in the process of releasing old pain. Let the journey towards emotional adulthood not be hijacked by childhood illusions.

Better focus on the liberation of emotionally mature capacities. They will remain active under difficult circumstances, preclude unnecessary fears, conflicts, worries, accusations, and other forms of suffering, and guide us into best practice.

Paradoxically as it is, hard times invite us all the more to release old pain and liberate our pure capacities.

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